Nomination Form Checklist

The Celebration of Excellence Program is currently going through some exciting updates. The new nomination awards and form will be available by October 31st, 2017.

You will need: 

  • Choose one category that best applies to your nominee, individual or team
  • Provide the nominee's information (full name, job title, email address, department, site and manager/supervisor's full name, and director's name)
  • Provide the second nominator's information (full name, email, department and site.) Each nomination must be supported by two (2) nominators. 

Written description of the reasons for the nomination:

  • How the nominee's actions support the nomination category you have     selected (provide specific examples)
  • A description of the benefits and/or results of those actions
  • How the nominee(s) go above and beyond to demonstrate excellence

Example #1: Individual Nomination Letter

Nomination Category: Excellence in Service Delivery

I am nominating Beverly at Cumberland Lodge for Excellence in Service Delivery. Bev has been an employee of the Cumberland Health Centre since August 1981. Bev is a caring employee who provides service to our residents at a level that is exemplary of the highest standard. Her attention to detail and knowledge of each of the resident's personal likes and needs ensures that every day she is on duty our residents get their preferences. Bev goes beyond the day's duties by her one-on-one attention to individuals who need a little TLC to encourage them to eat or drink. Even in the midst of difficult times, Bev maintains a smile and a positive outlook, giving help where needed and often doing more without being asked. Bev's daily uniform includes a smile, a kind word and a gentle touch.

Example #2: Team Nomination Letter

Nomination Category: Excellence in Service Delivery

The staff of the Cumberland Lodge Dietary Department is nominated for their consistent work as a team in providing nutritious and delicious meals to the residents of the Cumberland Lodge.

Every day of the year this group of caring individuals come together to provide meals and nourishments that meet the social needs of the residents as well as provide a strong nutritional base for the well being of each resident. We see the rewards of their efforts in residents who quickly regain weight after loss due to illness, whose skin integrity is optimal for their condition, who are admitted at nutritional risk and soon are eating and thriving and who look forward to meals daily. Aromas therapy from the kitchen is a daily "program”, guests compliment the meals and come back for more! Residents receive individual attention and are nourished and nurtured with the food served and the genuine care that the dietary staff have for each one of the residents.

For these and many more reasons we nominate the staff of the Dietary Department, those who are currently in the department and those who were in the department during the past 18 months, at the Cumberland Lodge for their excellence in service delivery.