Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Employee Preferred Purchasing (EPP) program?

The Employee Preferred Purchasing (EPP) program is an employee-driven program that connects Island Health Employees, physicians, volunteers and auxiliary members to discounts and special offers provided by businesses serving Vancouver Island.  

Where do Island Health employees, physicians, volunteers and auxiliary members access EPP discounts?

On the main EPP page, you will have access to view the list of vendors offering discounts and value added services and you will be directed to the website which contains a listing of the types of discounts available to Island Health. 

How do vendors express their interest in participating in the EPP program?

Vendors are welcome to fill out an "Expression of Interest Form" after they have  reviewed the "Acceptance Criteria". For more information see "Why Participate".

How do vendors offering discounts know that I am part of Island Health?

To redeem your discount, you will need to present valid Island Health identification such as an ID tag or email address at the time of purchase.

Who can I contact with any EPP questions and/or feedback that I have?

For any questions not answered here or to send feedback about the program, you can contact the Value & Recognition department  at 1-888-98-VALUE (1-888-988-2583) or by email at lad@viha.ca