Acceptance Criteria

Essential Criteria for Acceptance:

  • Vendor provides a goods and/or service discount of a minimum of 10%, or value-added service of the same equivalent to Island Health staff.
  • Vendor is an organization with a reputation for quality and service and is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Products/Programs/Services must not involve order processing by Island Health or additional staff resources. 

Other Criteria:

Consideration will also be given to the quality of the goods or services offered and the extent to which vendors can show the value of the offer is greater than those offered to other customers.

Important Notes:

*Island Health reserves the right to refuse a vendor offer for any reason and remove a vendor from the program at its discretion.  This consideration includes the report of negative feedback from Island Health employees.

*Island Health will not accept vendors that are essentially inconsistent with or undermine Island Health’s vision, mission and values or violate the spirit and intent of its mandate.
“Serving and involving the people of the islands to maintain and improve health”

For more information, please contact lad@viha.ca.