Human Rights

In Canada, employees are afforded basic human rights protection from legislation; and these rights are protected in the constitution’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  

In British Columbia, the Human Rights Code protects job applicants and employees by ensuring that employment decisions are based on job-related criteria and not discriminatory considerations. 

These rights also extend in public institutions, which means all Island Health patients, clients, and families are protected from discrimination and harassment by law and by our policies.

Employees (and job applicants) have the right to:

  • be considered for jobs and promotions on the basis of merit; and
  • work in an environment that is free of discrimination and discriminatory harassment.

The Code also imposes a duty to accommodate the special needs of people who may require changes to the usual ways in which something is done.

Island Health is committed to providing an environment that respects and promotes human rights and personal dignity.  Any behaviour that results in discrimination and erodes understanding and mutual respect is prohibited by Island Health.

Managers and supervisors should make sure they have reviewed the current Respectful Workplace Policy *(PDF) (Policy 5.5.2) and Respectful Workplace Procedures *(PDF) and understand their responsibilities related to human rights in Island Health.

If you require human rights education, assistance, and/or advice, email us at respectfulworkplace@viha.ca

* Requires Island Health Intranet access - see how to access the Intranet for more information