Information for Patients and Families

The information below is intended for patients and families visiting the Adult CF Clinic.

General Clinic Information

  • Clinics are held all day on Wednesdays
  • Please allow 2 to 3 hours for a clinic visit
  • A respirologist and all of the available team members will review your care
  • In the case a team member is not available, arrangements to address your needs will be made through the clinic coordinator
  • Routine sputum sample collection and simple spirometry will be obtained at each clinic visit
  • Please bring your portable chest clearing device to every scheduled clinic visit, so that we can review them with you

Due to limited available space, clinic schedules are decided months in advance.  The clinic accepts pre-booked appointments only.  With notice, there may be some flexibility to reschedule appointments. 

We will notify you of your scheduled appointment 4-6 weeks in advance.  You will also be notified of appointments for additional testing / annual testing to be arranged outside of a scheduled clinic date.  These appointments will often be arranged through an Island Health facility near your area of residence.

Telehealth Clinic Visits

  • The CF Team connects through Telehealth Services with patients living outside of Greater Victoria
  • Telehealth is arranged through the nurse coordinator and telehealth services of Island Health
  • Only alternating visits will be considered for Telehealth

For more information, please contact the clinic.

Infection Control

Hand Hygiene is the most effective way to prevent unwanted organisms.  Clinic Infection Control practices follow recommended polices set by Island Health and Cystic Fibrosis Canada:

  • There is no common waiting room
  • You are assigned to your own examination room on arrival at clinic
  • Team members will see you in your assigned room
  • Team members practice CONTACT ISOLATION

Accessing Care Between Clinics


The Cystic Fibrosis Clinic attempts to have one of our Respirologists available during office hours to discuss non-emergent CF-related problems.

  • Contact on call CF doctor through their office assistant (it is suggested you call in the morning)
  • If one office is closed, try another CF doctor
  • Please provide an accessible phone number for the doctor to return your call
  • Most calls will be returned the same day

If you are unable to make contact with a CF Physician, please try your family doctor, a doctor in a walk-in clinic, or your local emergency department.  Notify them that you are followed through the Adult CF Clinic. 

In Patient Care

Direct non-emergent CF Hospital admissions are usually arranged within 24 to 48 hours of a bed request.

  • CF admissions will be to 8 North the Respiratory Care Unit at the Royal Jubilee Hospital; you will have your own private room
  • The CF team will be available to support you as an inpatient
  • Bring your chest clearing device (Pep mask, Flutter or other) and your pancreatic enzymes to the hospital with you
  • If you normally utilize a steam sterilizer for cleaning your respiratory equipment, please bring it with you


Information about your health is confidential.  Your doctor and other health care professionals will not discuss your condition with your family or friends without your expressed consent.  A copy of any CF related medical dictations will be sent to your General Practitioner.