Welcome to Island Health

On August 1 st, we launched our new public website:


and a new website for medical staff:


Our website was developed in partnership with patients and residents of Vancouver Island and the surrounding regions. It's accessible, mobile friendly and flexible to help us evolve with our communities as we work towards excellent health and care for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Come visit the new sites and update your bookmarks. This www.viha.ca site will continue to be available for one month so that our staff and partners have time to update their links to the new site. You can still browse the old site but it will no longer be updated.


Five Days in May

Five Days in May is Island Health’s flagship health research month, designed to educate, inform, inspire, and stimulate. Every year, we bring together researchers and students, patients and healthcare providers, decision-makers and members of the public to share ideas and spark innovation.

Five Days in May 2017

May 2 - Data Bootcamp: Demystifying Access and Use

Where is the data at Island Health, how do you access it, and what can you do with it once you’ve got it? Join us to learn all about the data lifecycle at Island Health, and hear from researchers who are using data to improve care, treatment, and services.

May 9 - The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada &  Indigenous Cultural Safety: Evidence, ACTION, & Island Health

You’re invited to join circle conversations on two calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s report:

#19 - Measurable Goals for Indigenous Population Health Outcomes

#23 - Aboriginal Professionals in Health Care – Recruitment, Retention and Cultural Safety

May 10 - Community-Centred Planning and Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Choice of Place of Birth and Holistic Maternity Care for First Nations Women

Learn why it's important to expand the definition of data and allow communities to define their own measures.

May 16 - The Art of Aging: Redesigning Seniors Care through Research

Get an overview of our new seniors strategy (Supporting Seniors in Island Health: Roadmap to 2020), and hear from research teams who are transforming residential care through patient engagement, and redesigning geriatric and end-of-life care to improve experience and outcomes.

May 24 - Sparking Conversations: Turning the Tide on the Opioid Crisis

Hear the evidence and join the conversation about action and responses to the overdose emergency. Led by a diverse panel of experts, this event will cover a broad range of topics, from the impact of the crisis on Vancouver Island to the role of stigma, the changing service landscape, the power of peer and family support, and the case for compelling innovation in the way we view and treat addiction.

May 31 - Changing Care, Changing Lives: Clinical Research in Action

Learn how a new treatment for C. difficile infection is changing patients’ lives, and how we're enhancing access to treatment at Island Health.

May 31 - Changes to Good Clinical Practice: How Does it Affect Me?

Get an overview of the recent changes to Good Clinical Practice Guidelines and learn how it will impact your work. This event will be of most interest to clinical research professionals.


Five Days in May 2016

Five Days in May 2015