Improving Health Care through Meaningful and Engaged Research

Nov. 8, 2016 (2:00 – 3:30 pm)

Council & Ante Chambers, Victoria City Hall

What We Did

On November 8th, 2016, Island Health’s research team hosted a dialogue at City Hall about the importance of collaborative health research that engages the community. Island Health’s past and current Research Scholars in Residence, Dr. Belinda Parke (past) and Dr. Bernie Pauly (current), shared some of their research in public and seniors health. Mayor Lisa Helps then moderated a guided discussion with the patients, community members, clinicians, and decision-makers in attendance.

What We Discussed

  1. How can the Research Scholar in Residence, in collaboration with others, contribute to meaningful improvements in the health system?
  2. How can the Research Scholar in Residence work with patients, community members, doctors, and nurses to bring about improvements to the health system in a way that is respectful of stakeholders’ competing priorities and limited time?
  3. What are some bold, unexpected things the Research Scholar in Residence could do to contribute to meaningful improvements to the health of citizens in Victoria and beyond?

What We Heard

  • “…it’s encouraging that we’re inviting great people at the right time at the right place; it’s having decision-makers and people of power to delegate these changes.” – Attendee
  • “… that process of getting to know people and developing those relationships is the most important when the time is right.” – Belinda Parke
  • "You have to be so nimble as a researcher with many different methodologies... you have to juggle the process, which looks different every time, [and] there isn’t a real recipe except for trust, getting to know each other, and engaging." - Bernie Pauly

What We'll Do

  • We will bring together committed people for future discussions, building relationships to get to the right starting place and identify needs.
  • We will work with the Scholar in Residence to meet those needs, trying different approaches over time and analyzing results to see what works.