The Genome SpecTRA Team

Lead Researchers

Dr. Andrew Penn
Principal Investigator & Project Lead
Medical Lead, Stroke Programs, Island Health
Medical Lead, Stroke Rapid Assessment Unit, Island Health

Dr. Shelagh Coutts
Project Co-Lead
Associate Professor, Stroke Neurology Department of Clinical Neurosciences & Radiology (University of Calgary)

Dr. Christoph Borchers
Project Co-Lead
Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology, University of Victoria


Dr. Robert Balshaw
BC Centre for Disease Control

Dr. Mary Lesperance
Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics (UVic)
Dr. Viera Saly
Neurologist, Island Health
Dr. Devin Harris
Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine (UBC)


Dr. Martin Wale
Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Executive Medical Director, Medical Affairs & Research, Island Health

Dr. Bruce McManus
Director of PROOF Centre of Excellence

Dr. Gordon Hoag
Medical Director of Laboratory Medicine, Pathology and Medical Genetics, Island Health
Dr. Kenneth Moselle
Enterprise Information Architect, Island Health
Dr. Jens Weber
Professor,  Department of Computer Science and Engineering (UVic)
Dr. Alex Thomo
Professor,  Department of Computer Science and Engineering (UVic)