Research Approvals and Ethics

NOTICE:  Island Health Research Ethics office has moved. Please see our revised contact information below.


Approval to Conduct Research

In order to conduct research at Island Health, Principal Investigators must obtain:

1. A Research Ethics Board Certificate of Approval issued by Island Health or including Island Health in the Harmonized Ethical Approval; and

2. Island Health Operational Review & Approvals, as applicable.

Students, Faculty, and BC Ethics Harmonization

Researchers who must obtain multiple ethical clearances from separate BC research ethics boards (such as UVic, UBC, BC Cancer Agency, or another Health Authority) can start by completing this Harmonized Ethics Checklist (.doc) and emailing our office at researchethics@viha.ca.  We will then ensure the right people are involved for an efficient ethical review of your study across the various institutions that may be involved.

All new research ethics projects involving University of Victoria and Island Health need to start with the completion of the Harmonized Ethics Checklist (.doc)

Additional approvals for regulated sponsored clinical trials:

1. Clinical Trial Agreement between Island Health, Principal Investigator, and Sponsor

2. Health Canada Letter of No Objection (NOL)

3. Clinical Trial Registration number with a non-profit clinical trials registry, e.g. http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/

Additional approvals for grant-funded studies:

1. Grant Contribution Agreement

Additional approvals for external affiliated researchers:

1. Research Affiliation/Collaboration Agreement (inter-institutional)

2. Study Specific Researcher Affiliation Agreement

UBC Family Practice Resident Research, Dietetic Interns, Pharmacy Residents and Summer Medical Students Research Projects

UBC Family Practice Resident Research, UBC Dietetic Interns, UBC Pharmacy Residents and UBC Summer Medical Students Research Projects need to apply ONLY to Island Health for their projects.

Please submit your application to Island Health Research Ethics using the Research Portal and ensure you notify UBC in accordance with the UBC guidance document.

Contact Information

Fax: 250-519-6735
Phone: 250-519-6726
Email: researchethics@viha.ca 
Mailing Address
Research Ethics
Queen Alexandra Centre
Pearkes Building, Rooms 002 & 003
3970 Haro Road
Victoria, BC V8N 4A9