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Are you seeking ethics approval across multiple sites?

BC Ethics Harmonization Initiative (BCEHI) has implemented models to harmonized ethical review of studies in BC. Please visit BCEthics.ca for more information

    • Learn more about the BC Ethics Harmonization Initiative
    • Please use this Cover Sheet for Minimal Risk Harmonized Reviews in order to provide as much information as possible before the review begins and in order to determine where you should apply first
    • Email or call 250-519-7700 ext. 13971 to ask about harmonizing your application across different institutions and health authorities

Research Ethics review is only part of the approval required to conduct research at Island Health.  Institutional Approval is granted when:

  1. all department(s) at Island Health that are involved in the support or conduct of the research project (OPERATIONAL APPROVALS); AND

These processes may be conducted concurrently.

How to know if your research requires ethical review?

All human research that is conducted by members of Island Health or that involves Island Health facilities, patients, residents, clients, staff, physicians, current data holdings or other resources, requires ethical approval before it begins in accordance with Island Health's Research Ethics Review Policy.

Human research is defined as involving human participants, remains, tissues, biological fluids, embryos, fetuses and other biological materials including human DNA, RNA or DNA and RNA fragments is subject to research and ethical approval.

In addition, all research conducted at Island Health must include in their team at least one of the researchers/research advisors as a employee/physician or affiliated with privileges at Island Health. This does not necessarily have to be the Qualified/Principal Investigator, but that person will be required to sign the Operational Review form as a sub/co investigator or liaison. Any questions regarding this requirement may be directed to Terri Fleming, Manager, Research Compliance and Ethics at terri.fleming@viha.ca.

Apply for Research Ethics review:

Clinical Research Ethics Board (CREB)

Studies should be submitted to the CREB if they involve a clinical intervention as part of the study, including clinical trial applications evaluating drugs, devices and natural health products. For example, if a study involves administering medication or a medical device, providing alternate medical treatment that is not standard of care, etc. Please complete and submit the CREB Application. A list of required documents to submit are included in the application.

The CREB Membership List is updated as members join or retire. If you or your office would like a copy of any of our previous lists, please contact our office at 250-370-8620.

Health Research Ethics Board (HREB)

Studies that do not involve clinical interventions, and meet the TCPS 2 definition of minimal risk should be submitted to the HREB. Please use the HREB Application and submit to Island Health, including a completed study protocol (sample protocol template), and other supporting documents as directed on the application form.

Minimal risk studies submitted to the HREB are sent for review as they are received. No meeting dates or deadlines apply.

HREB studies that require full-board review are reviewed at the next scheduled HREB meeting or by special arrangement of an ad hoc meeting outside of the regular schedule. You will be contacted if this is necessary.

UVic-Island Health Studies

Studies that are below minimal risk and involve UVic faculty, staff or students who wish to conduct research within Island Health should be submitted to Island Health using as part of the harmonized review model.

Please use the HREB Application and submit to Island Health, including a completed study protocol (sample protocol template), and other supporting documents as directed on the application form.

More information regarding the harmonized review model for minimal risk studies can be found at www.bcethics.ca. If you have any questions regarding the changes to the process, please do not hesitate to contact us at researchethics@viha.ca.

REMEMBER: If the study inolves resources at Island Health, operational review and approval is also required. Please refer to the FAQ or Operational Review page for more information.

Contact Information

Research Ethics
Room 304, Kenning Wing - Memorial Pavilion
Royal Jubilee Hospital
1952 Bay Street
Victoria, BC V8R 1J8
Fax: 250-519-1878
Research Ethics and Operational Review Team

Health Research Inquiries
Leah Syme, Research Administrative Coordinator

Dawn Pollon, Research Ethics Coordinator

Clinical Research Inquiries
Joy (Joey) Pearson, Research Ethics Administrator
250-519-7700 x 12248

Karen Medler, Research Ethics Coordinator
250-370-8111 x 12415

Operational or Institutional Approvals
Leah Syme, Research Administrative Coordinator

Terri Fleming, Manager Research Compliance and Ethics
250-519-7700 ext 13971