Patient Resources

BC Self-Management Programs

BC Self-Management programs are for individuals living with a chronic condition and their families. The learning happens in a group format, by trained peer leaders, for six weeks, and are provided for free in communities throughout BC. Participants learn strategies to better manage living with a chronic condition and live a healthy life.

Patient Voices Network

The Patient Voices Network is a community of BC patients, families, caregivers and others who wish to use their experiences to positively influence the healthcare system – provide resources, webinars, links and more.

HealthLink BC

The HealthLink BC website offers medically-approved information on health topics, symptoms, medications, and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You may also call 8-1-1 from anywhere in British Columbia to speak with a nurse any time of the day or night. On weekdays, you can speak to a dietitian and at night they have pharmacists available to answer your medication questions.

Yakimovich Wellness Centre

The Yakimovich Wellness Centre offers a variety of health education programs open to adults who want to learn about their health and find community resources focusing on healthy aging.

Alzheimer Society of BC

The Alzheimer Society of BC website lists programs, services, and events listed in your area.

The Arthritis Society

The Arthritis Society provides ambulatory services and programs, inpatient rehabilitation services and educational resources.

BC Lung Association

The BC Lung Association website provides information on lung diseases, smoking cessation programs, air quality, and various other education and support groups.

Canadian Diabetes Association

The Canadian Diabetes Association helps people with diabetes live healthy lives while working to find a cure. The Victoria Medical Supply Store offers supplies needed to manage living well with diabetes.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC/Yukon

The Heart and Stroke Foundation website has a menu of options from health information, funded research, news, and health e-tools (which will help you conduct a self-assessment of your risk factors).

BC Cancer Agency

The BC Cancer Agency provides health information and lists resources for patients and the public.

Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre

The Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson's Centre is a vibrant and welcoming non-profit society whose purpose is to strengthen the abilities of their clients, families and communities to manage their physical, psychological and social effects of Parkinson's and epilepsy.

Seniors' Health Promotion Directorate

The Seniors' Health Promotion Directorate provides information about government programs and services for older adults. The goal is to provide the residents of BC with one place to go to find all the information they need to plan for and live a healthy, active aging lifestyle. The website includes sections on health care, finances, benefits, housing, transportation, and more.

BC Housing – Seniors

The BC Housing website lists housing options available to seniors, community connections, eligibility and how to apply.

Council of Senior Citizens Organization of BC (COSCO)

COSCO provides free health promotion workshops, as well as links, events and contact information.


CNIB advocates for blind or partially sighted Canadians, provides personalized rehabilitation support, and works with communities to create a barrier-free society.

Island Deaf & Hard of Hearing Centre

The Island Deaf & Hard of Hearing Centre offers counseling and support services to people dealing with a hearing loss.