Being in hospital and away from home is a stressful time...

Arranging to Receive Spiritual Care

Before being admitted to hospital:

  • If you are a member of a local congregation (for example, a church, synagogue, mosque, or temple), let a representative know that you are going into hospital and would like to receive a visit from a member of the congregation who can offer spiritual care. Many faith groups delegate someone to visit their members while they are in hospital.

  • If you are affiliated with a particular faith (for example. Judaism. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.) or Christian denomination (for example. Anglican, Roman Catholic, United Church, Baptist, etc.) but are not a member of a local congregation, you can also contact them in advance and ask to be visited during your stay in hospital.

After being admitted to hospital:

  • You may choose to wait until you are admitted to hospital before contacting your local congregation. You can contact them yourself, or, you can ask the Spiritual Health Practitioner to contact them and arrange a visit while you are in the hospital..

  • Alternatively, you can ask for the hospital's Spiritual Health Practitioner (Hospital Chaplain) to provide you with spiritual care while you are in hospital.

    Your nurse can let the Spiritual Health Practitioner know that you would like a visit. Either the Spiritual Health Practitioner or one of the trained spiritual care volunteers will be pleased to visit you.

    On admission to hospital you can ask the admitting clerk to put your name on the list of patients who would like a visit from the Spiritual Health Practitioner or a representative from your faith.

Note that some hospitals do not have a Spiritual Health Practitioner on staff and some of the above services may not be available