About Us

Spiritual Health

Our trained Spiritual Health Practitioners support staff, patients and their families of all beliefs, cultural backgrounds, values, traditions and practices.

We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding our Spiritual Health program.

We are here to support:

  • Spiritual, cultural and religious practices / ceremonies
  • Communication between patients, families and staff
  • Difficult / ethical decision making
  • Grief, and trauma healing
  • Palliative and end of life care
  • Linking with community religious and cultural care providers
  • Holistic care
  • Spiritual and existential support for patients considering "Medical Assistance in Dying"

Terminological note: Please note that Spiritual Health encompasses what was previously called "chaplaincy services". The change in terminology reflects the inclusive nature of the spiritual care offered by Spiritual Health Practitioners, who respect and honour the beliefs of all people to whom they provide spiritual care.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A health care environment where spiritual care, comfort and hope are integrated into the healing journey ― holistic health care for the whole person.

Our Mission

Spiritual Health promotes spiritual well-being of individuals, families, staff and communities by providing professional support and through linkages with the community faith groups.

Philosophy of Care

  • Caring for the people and families we serve and those we work with is at the heart of our practice. 
  • We show our caring through relationships that respect individuality, diversity, and honour the whole person ― body, mind and spirit.
  • Our care supports people to participate in their own health and wellness throughout their lives.
  • Caring relationships between individuals, families and colleagues depend on open, respectful, empathic communication, cooperation and collaboration.

Spiritual Health Practitioners are Island Health staff members who provide spiritual care to patients. Find Spiritual Care Locations

Spiritual Health Practitioners have adopted a professional Code of Ethics.

When Might Someone Request Spiritual Care?

  • When they need a listening ear.
  • When they are anxious about a medical decision or before a surgery.
  • When they need comfort, strength and reassurance.
  • When they question the meaning or purpose of their life.
  • When they desire prayer or a word of encouragement from their faith.
  • When they have concerns about their relationship with God, their faith community, or their family.
  • When they would like communion, anointing of the sick or last rites.
  • When they need motivation for healing and rehabilitation.
  • When they need to forgive or be forgiven.
  • When they wonder where God is.
  • When they are dying or are afraid of dying.
  • When they struggle with faith issues in medical decisions.
  • When they wish to discuss matters they are not comfortable sharing with their loved ones.
  • When they are grateful to God for healing.
  • When, if you are a staff person, you see such needs in your patient.
  • When, if you are a family member, you see such needs in your loved one.

Stories of Spiritual Care

To illustrate what Spiritual Care is and what it means to those who receive and give it, we have gathered some stories written by patients, residents and Spiritual Health Practitioners. These stories are true, with names and details changed to protect privacy. Read Stories