Spiritual Care at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital

Spiritual Health Practitioner 

Darren Colyn

Darren Colyn

Spiritual health is an essential component of overall health. When coping with illness or disability, people draw on their spiritual resources for strength and comfort.

The Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Spiritual Health Practitioner is specially trained to help people discover and make use of the spiritual health resources available to them, both within themselves and in the community.

Respecting the various ways people look at Spiritual Health, which may or may not include religion, the Spiritual Health Practitioner will visit patients to offer spiritual support, if requested by the patient, the patient's family or by staff. The Spiritual Health Practitioner also offers spiritual support to staff and their families.

See the sidebar on the right of this page for how to contact the Spiritual Health Practitioner.

For more information on spiritual health and the spiritual care that Spiritual Health Practitioners (Hospital Chaplains) provide, visit About us

For information on how to prepare for coming into hospital, visit Hospitalization .

Spiritual Health Services at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital

The Spiritual Health Practitioner offers spiritual care to patients during office hours. If you wish, they will inform your pastor, the religious leader of your own faith, or any other counsellor of your choice, that you would like a visit from them. If you wish to receive Holy Communion or any other ceremony or rite of your faith, they will do their best to arrange this.

Hospital Chapel

To access the hospital chapel, go down the stairs across from the cafeteria and turn right. The chapel is open to all and is a quiet space for prayer, meditation and reflection


Spiritual Care Volunteers assist the Spiritual Health Practitioner in providing spiritual care by visiting patients in their rooms. Applicants to become Spiritual Care Volunteers are screened for suitability and receive training in spiritual care visiting from the Spiritual Health Practitioner before they take up their work as registered Spiritual Care Volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a Spiritual Care Volunteer, contact the Spiritual Health Practitioner.

Community-based Spiritual Care

To find out how to arrange for a spiritual care giver in the community to come and visit you or a family member in hospital, click on: Hospitalization

Information to assist community-based spiritual care givers in providing spiritual care to their members in health care facilities can be found by clicking on: Community Visitors .

How to Make a Donation

You can support Island Health's Spiritual Health program at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital by making a donation for that purpose to:

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