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Spiritual Care at Cowichan District Hospital

Spiritual Health Practitioner

Marnie Roper

Marnie Roper

Spiritual health is an essential component of overall health.  Understood and expressed in many different ways, spiritual health can be a profound source of healing, strength and peace.  It may be nurtured through, for example, cultural or religious practices, loving connections, or making decisions that honour one’s values.  The Spiritual Health Practitioner at Cowichan District Hospital is part of the health care team.  She is trained to support people in nurturing their spiritual health – as part of their health or palliative care, or as part of their work or volunteering in hospital.  She also liaises with community faith and cultural leaders, who come to hospital to support their community members.

See the sidebar on the right of this page for how to contact the Spiritual Health Practitioner.

For more information on Spiritual Health and the care that Spiritual Health Practitioners provide, visit About us .

For information on how to prepare for coming into hospital, visit Hospitalization .

Spiritual Health Services at the Cowichan District Hospital

The Spiritual Health Practitioner is available to meet with patients, their loved ones, staff and volunteers at the hospital, during the office hours listed in the sidebar on the right.  Meetings can be arranged directly by phone or email (please see contact information on the sidebar), or, for patients and loved ones, by asking another member of the health care team to make a referral on their behalf.

Sacred Space

All are welcome to make use of the Sacred Space for nurturing their spiritual health.  The Sacred Space is a quiet room located near the main entrance of the hospital, opposite the reception booth.  If the door is closed, the room may be in use: please knock gently.  If the door is locked, please contact Security or reception staff.  The room is open at all times.


Spiritual Health Volunteers provide companionship to patients and their loved ones while in hospital.  Applicants to become Spiritual Health Volunteers are screened for suitability, and receive training and orientation from the Spiritual Health Practitioner, and Volunteer Resources.

If you are interested in becoming a Spiritual Care Volunteer, contact the Spiritual Health Practitioner.

Community-based Spiritual Care

To find out how to arrange for a spiritual care giver in the community to come and visit you or a family member in hospital, click on: Hospitalization

Information to assist faith communities to provide spiritual care to their members in health care facilities can be found by clicking on: Community Visitors.

How to Make a Donation

You can support Island Health’s Spiritual Health program at the Cowichan District Hospital by making a donation for that purpose to:

Cowichan District Hospital Foundation
101-5822 Garden St
Duncan BC V9L 3V9

Phone: 250.701.0399
Fax: 250.701.0339
Email: cdhfoundation@shaw.ca
Web site: http://www.cdhfoundation.org/

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