You can support Spiritual Health in several ways.

  • Apply for training to become a Spiritual Health services volunteer in an acute care hospital or residential care facility under the supervision of the Island Health Spiritual Health team site Spiritual Health Practitioner (Hospital Chaplain).

  • Work with your faith community to visit members who are in hospital or residential care.

  • In residential care facilities assistance from volunteers is required to lead worship services, help residents attend the service, hand out materials and serve refreshments.

  • Pray for Spiritual Health care staff, volunteers, patients and residents.

  • Offer to update our faith community database (computer skill required).

  • Spiritual Health Spiritual Health Practitioners often have support or advisory committees. Offer to sit on such a committee.

  • Help organize appreciation events for Spiritual Health staff and volunteers.

  • Participate in fund raising events for the purchase of books and other items for the spiritual support of patients and residents.

  • Be an advocate for Spiritual Health. Make sure Spiritual Health programs such as volunteer training courses are advertised in your faith community. If you know people you think would make good Spiritual Health visitors, give them information or brochures about Spiritual Health volunteer opportunities, or the name of a Spiritual Health Practitioner they can contact, and encourage them to do so.

Becoming a Spiritual Health Volunteer

Following a screening and training program, you may be assigned to an area in which your talents and skills will be matched with the needs of patients in one of our acute care hospitals or residents in one of our residential care facilities.

If you wish to volunteer, and are thinking of a particular hospital in which you would like to volunteer, click on Location to view sites where spiritual care is provided. Then click on a facility to learn more about it and who to contact about volunteering.

Volunteer Training

Spiritual Health provides training for registered spiritual care volunteers working under the supervision of a staff Spiritual Health Practitioner at Island Health acute care hospitals or residential care facilities.

Acute Care Volunteer Training

Spiritual Health Practitioners in acute care hospitals offer volunteer training from time to time. Contact the Spiritual Health Practitioner of the hospital to find out more about the process of applying to become a Spiritual Care Services volunteer.

To read a brochure on volunteering at Victoria General Hospital or Royal Jubilee Hospital click on Volunteer Brochure (PDF).

To view or download the application form to become a Spiritual Care Services volunteer at either the Royal Jubilee Hospital or Victoria General Hospital, click on Application Form .