What is an anesthetic consultation?

Anesthetic consultation is an appointment with an anesthesiologist in the Pre-admission Clinic (PAC) before surgery. Patients that have medical problems that could affect anesthesia are seen here. You will be contacted by your surgeon or the hospital if you require an anesthetic consultation.

If you are physically fit and are having straightforward surgery, there will be no pre-arranged anesthetic consultation. You will receive your pre-anesthetic assessment on the day of surgery.

Occasionally patients are admitted to hospital one or more days before surgery and they are assessed in the hospital.

What happens during anesthetic consultation?

Your anesthesiologist will review your medical history, examine you, and order any necessary laboratory tests. He or she will make sure that any medical conditions, which might complicate your anesthetic, are being treated as well as possible.

The different types of anesthesia appropriate for you will be explained, and any questions you have answered. You will be told which of your regular medications, if any, you should take on the day of surgery.

Occasionally, the anesthesiologist will request an opinion from another specialist, such as a cardiologist, to help in your assessment. Very rarely, your operation may be postponed or cancelled because of the risks involved.

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