Going Home

Hospital discharge

Day surgery discharge is usually one to two hours after the surgery. Discharge for overnight stays is usually between 9:00 – 11:00 AM. The staff will tell your family/friend when to pick you up.

If you are discharged before someone is able to pick you up, we may ask you to wait in the lounge for your ride.

Discharge instructions

Before you leave the hospital your nurse will:

  • Help you to get dressed, if needed
  • Review your care instructions with you
  • Provide you with written discharge instructions and prescriptions, when applicable

Please ensure that you have all your belongings and any medications or valuables with you before you leave the hospital.

    On returning home

    • Follow the instructions given to you
    • Fill any prescribed medications and take as directed
    • Make/keep appointments for follow-up care with your doctor
    • Contact your doctor, a walk-in clinic, HealthLink BC at 8-1-1, or the Emergency Department for any problems after surgery.

    Hospital bill

    Most hospital stays are covered under the BC Medical Services Plan. Uninsured residents, non-Canadians, or persons not covered by the health care plan must pay the full cost of their stay and/or procedure prior to admission. You may pay by credit card, debit, cheque or cash.

    Rehabilitation Services

    Sometimes after surgery, patient's require some form of rehabilitation services. If this pertains to you, your surgeon will send in a referral for you with specific instructions.

    Adult Rehabilitation Services
    Queen Alexandra Orthotics, Prosthetics and Seating

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