Volunteer at Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health

The Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health (QA), provides specialized health care services to children and youth with physical, developmental and or emotional/behavioural challenges. Queen Alexandra assists families in meeting identified needs in the areas of physical, developmental, emotional and behavioural challenges of their child.

Learn more about Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health on our facility page.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at QA offers many opportunities from swimming, to being a Family Friend in the community to assisting with various research projects. QA Volunteers commit to one shift a week, usually the same day and time.

How to Apply

Follow the steps to become a volunteer to learn more about volunteering with us.

Sarrazin Zinnia Clark is the Coordinator of Volunteer Resources at the Queen Alexandra Center for Children’s Health and Mental Health and Substance Use Services and can be contacted at qacvolunteer@viha.ca for more details

We are now accepting applications from new volunteers!  If you wish to apply to volunteer, please complete the QAC Application Packet (pdf) and email to qacvolunteer@viha.ca